It’s Time to Sell Your Home, What’s Your Home Worth?

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The home selling season is upon us and spring is considered the best time to list your house for sale. Here are a couple of items to think about when getting your home ready to sell.
1. What is your home worth? When interviewing your listing agent make sure they show you paperwork of various recent home sales in your neighborhood. Any home sold within the past six months of when you will be selling your home is a valid comp; anything beyond six months is not and should not be considered.
2. Clean up the front of the house to ensure it has great curb appeal. Get rid of the weeds, plant some flowers, mow the grass, trim the trees and bushes and if need be, at least paint the house trim. Many times, if the front of the home is not attractive, then buyers and their agents won’t go inside.
3. Get rid of the clutter, the many picture frames, all the little knick knacks and anything else that seems to collect dust. You want to present a clean, timeless home and most people can’t see through the forest when it is cluttered with trees.
4. If you have a pool, then make sure the filter is working and the water has the right PH levels. Nothing can be more disturbing then walking into the backyard and seeing a discolored smelly pool. Also, make sure your lawn is freshly cut and again if need be, plant some flowers, trim the trees, etc.
5. Finally, make sure everything is in working order and up to the current city codes. Nothing can be worse than getting top dollar for your house but getting dinged with thousands of dollars in repairs.

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